Disco Damage vs Dr. Jekyl, what’s in a name? Especially when talking about London is banging…..truth is that this wacky group of people has started to spread a message with their cool approach and crazy lyrics. Dr Jekyl consists of two people, Warren and Dean Morris, two brothers who originally come from South Africa and have teamed up with Laura Fares and Kristin Neely who both make Disco Damage.

These talented and crazy groups of creative people know what they are doing. “London is Banging” is their first offering but since then they’ve stepped up with writing so one can expect lots to come from them. Before that it’s “London is Calling” and infectious track with all kinds of cool vocals and nifty melodies.

The original Radio Mix is a crazy piece of hilarious music that tells a tale in today’s sound as it’s packed in electro sounds with a 4/4 feel to it, ace!

With a song like this it’s obvious some cool mixes needed to be made. First that steps up is Muzikjunki who’s on fire lately. The last year he’s managed to spread his name as a producer to reckon with. This mix is no exception, his trademark beats, his old skool feel and spot on dance floor arrangement make this an irresistible mix to watch out for. Gideon Hommes aka Gringo Gomes comes up with a totally fresh and new sound that pushes all the right buttons it seems. It’s minimal approach works perfectly and will reach a wide range of styles.Oslo based Nils Noa has sprinkled his magic with his tight beats and no nonsense arrangements. Stripping back the original even more he’s made this remix solid and banging, just like London. Finally it’s the Dr Jekyl boys who’ve stepped a bit with their interpretation of “London is Banging” It’s result is catchy, very club friendly and more then danceable.

Keep a name out for this crazy outlet from London.